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3 Components of a High Performing Email Sequence

Growing your business can be such an enthralling moment: you’ve worked your butt off and now you’re in a place where people are not only recognizing that work, but they want to see more!

Email can be one of the best ways to not only give clients more information about your business, but can also convert potential customers into life long customers. With this blog post, we want to take a look at three key components that will boost your conversion rates and eventually, customer loyalty.

Benefits instead of features

One of the important features of a nurture email is highlighting the benefits of your service.

You want to ask yourself -

“How will my business impact their lives?”

“What makes my service unique?”

“What differentiates my service from my competitors?”

Listing what features and services you offer may feel intuitive and straightforward, but it leaves your potential customer without a vision for how your business will take them to the next level. Instead, put yourself in their shoes and imagine the tangible things that your business can provide your clients and then market your business through that lens. It’s all about personalizing and tailoring the results you can provide to your ideal customer.

This could be a great time to pop in some testimonials from former clients to solidify the value you brought or are bringing to their lives.

Strong CTAs

A CTA , or call to action, is one of the biggest ways you’ll be able to convert email subscribers into clients. You’ll want to pick what CTA you are going to use based around your business goals.

Do you want them to check out your blog? Should they be replying to your email in order to get a consultation from you? Or should they be following you on your social media?

Whatever your CTA, make sure it clearly states what you want the reader to do. Make it as easy as possible for them to join the community you’re building! You never want readers to have to look for what they need.


There’s a reason you started your business. Maybe you wanted to help those in need, or you had an idea as to how to perfect a product or service. Tell them your why!

Customers don’t want to subscribe to a faceless, nameless entity, They want to know more about you and your team! Humanize your business by telling them about your team members, about you, and about why you’re reaching out to them for their business. This is also another way you can differentiate yourself from your competition.

These are just a few of the components that will help you and your team convert subscribers into clients. Another awesome way to convert clients over is through nurture email sequences. As part of our email marketing series, next week we’ll be discussing how to create the perfect nurture email sequence.

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