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3 Essential Components to Every Successful Email

So you've gone through all the steps - you've built your email list and are ready to provide value to your customers. Now comes the fun part - putting together an email that can speak to your audience and make them interested in learning more about you and your business!

If you are struggling with composing that email, whether it’s for that killer campaign you’ve been planning or just a quick note to keep your audience engaged, trust me when I tell you that you are not alone!

It’s easy to get bogged down by the details and your own perfectionism. But at the end of the day, a great email boils down to three simple components: a subject line, preview text, and meaningful copy for your readers. Once you know how to approach each component, suddenly drafting that next email will be so much easier.

#1 - Subject Line

It’s the first thing your subscriber will see when scrolling their inbox, and it’s the first hurdle you’ll have to overcome to get them interested. You have to give them a compelling reason to open their email, whether that is a freebie or something that will benefit your specific audience. You are essentially making a promise to your reader of what they can expect once they open the message. Just make sure you give them what they were promised when they click to open!

#2 - Preview Text

This is a part of the email that doesn’t get enough credit! While you may be inclined to just let the first lines of your email be the preview text, consider customizing it with keywords and phrases that will really perform. Provide useful and specific details about the content with traces of humor or symbols, if appropriate. You have between 30 to 145 characters to really drive the point that this email is something your readers will benefit from reading, so make it count!

#3 - Copy

This is where you go from making a promise in the subject line to fulfilling that promise and providing beneficial content to your readers. What I suggest is that you come into drafting this with your specific audience and goal in mind. Ideally, who are your readers? Are you wanting your readers to read your latest blog post or apply for your services? Be intentional with your content, and keep the message clear and conversational. Show what you bring to the table and watch your conversion rate soar!

Want to learn more about creating strong and openable email copy? I 1000% recommend this read from the Hubspot Blog. It helped me gain greater insight into what readers REALLY want to see in their inboxes, and I’m sure you’ll think so too!


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