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How the Right Resource Can Streamline Your Business

When you first start out in the entrepreneurial space, it may sound crazy to say, but the sheer number of online resources out there can be absolutely overwhelming.

What do I need to get started? Which platforms are better? What resources are worth investing in early?

And the list of questions goes on and on and on… and while I can’t tell you there is one resource that will guarantee you a successful and dreamworthy business, I can tell you which resource changed the game for my business in more ways than one.

That, my dear friends, would be, a project management platform that has given me all the tools I need to…

✨swap out the millions of post-it notes for customizable templates that automate my to-do list, weekly and monthly projects, and literally everything else you can imagine ✨eliminate team communication gaps with the use of updates, notes, and checklists ✨TIME TRACK WITHOUT PULLING MY HAIR OUT AT THE END OF THE MONTH (aka everyone’s time can be pulled into one easy-to-read dashboard that makes billing a breeze) ✨feel comfortable delegating tasks while still being able to check-in on the status of projects

Like any project management software, it takes some time to build to your specific needs but IT IS SO WORTH THE INITIAL TIME INVESTMENT.

I made the switch to Monday once I started to see my business growing much faster than I could handle on my own. I knew that I needed to integrate a system that would organize and automate the work I had been doing as a one-woman show. Since then, it has been my saving grace and has really helped me and my new team members stay on track and accountable.

So if you are ready to make an investment into the future of your business and your team through a project management software, then I highly recommend Monday for all the reasons above and so much more. Try it out with a 14-day free trial and you’ll see what I mean!

BUT for those of you who aren’t quite ready to invest and are looking for a free alternative, I started out with Airtable, a great option for project management as well. The features in the free version, including the amazing premade templates, the fun icons to identify each folder, and the ability to link different sheets together, will be just what you need to start off on the right foot without worrying about a monthly fee early on.

Need some ideas on other amazing resources for your business? Click here and we’ll send you our top 7 favorites that will help you grow your business. Cheers,


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