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How to Pick the Perfect Gift for Your Clients

Updated: Jun 10, 2021

While Thanksgiving just finished up, this month is still a good time to show your clients that you are thankful for their business! But the gift selection process can often be a delicate affair. What to give them, how much should you spend, when should you start looking... It can be pretty complicated!

We at Female Founded want to take the guesswork out of the gifting process so you have one less thing to worry about this holiday season with a few simple tips:

Tips for picking holiday gifts for your clients

🕦 Give yourself plenty of time Most delivery windows take about one to three weeks, so you should start looking for gift ideas around the first week of December. You don’t want to be scrambling to find a good gift, only to find everything sold out!

⚖️ It’s all about balance While you may want to absolutely spoil every single client you have, this kind of thinking will definitely put a strain on your wallet. Instead of picking one gift for every client, pick a couple gifts of varying prices. Then, start assigning gifts to different clients based on how much they invest into your products/services. While every client is important, you don’t want to stretch yourself too thin buying expensive gifts for each client and this is the perfect way to decide who gets what.

💸 Make a budget! Figure out early in the process how much you’re able to spend based on each client. This will help narrow down your search process by ensuring you’re spending the right amount on each client.

🤔 Think outside of the gift basket Remember, gift baskets aren’t the only way to go! Non-physical gifts are often more sustainable AND more thoughtful. Tickets to virtual events, donations in their name to a charity they love, and subscriptions to streaming services are all viable options that don’t leave a physical trace but your clients will remember forever.

✨ Remember the little things Think back to your interactions with each client. Did they mention a particular interest? Maybe they said they liked cooking? Or love taking baths? Maybe they’re a big sports fan? This will help you pick more personalized and thoughtful gifts that will help strengthen your relationship with them so your business interactions run smoothly.

✍️ Keep track Start a document this year with a list of likes and dislikes for each client. You can keep adding to it throughout the year with things you find out about each client. That way, next holiday, birthday, or anniversary you have a list that will help you pick a customized gift idea.

🍫 If all else fails, everyone loves chocolate! If you have a client that isn’t particularly open about their likes or dislikes, you can’t go wrong with chocolate. For instance, this Godiva Make It Merry Basket looks like so much fun!

We hope that these tips will help make the gift buying process a breeze. Running a business already comes with its fair share of work, and this shouldn’t be another item on your list of things to stress out about! Following these tips might even give you more time to relax this year (something you obviously deserve!) 😌

If you’re still having a hard time, send us an email at and we’ll send you some more inspiration!


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