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It's Time to Make Space

In the early days of creating a business, there’s always a picture-perfect ideal of what it could be. You imagine everything: from the impact you could make on your clients to the culture you’ll instill in your team to that sense of security that comes with “making it.”

It’s that vision and expectation, coupled with passion and determination, that sets you on the path for success. You use that vision as fuel to push through the long hours, the late nights, and the skipped special occasions. You get accustomed to living your life with your foot on the gas because you trust that your hard work will pay off.

The problem that we see way too often in the entrepreneurial space is what happens after all this is set into motion - when all your investment begins to pay off and you are reaping amazing rewards from your hard work.

Once you start seeing success, you begin to associate all the sacrifices you’ve made as the reason for it. Once the “hustle and grind” mentality takes a hold of you, slowing down and finding balance in your life feels like a step in the wrong direction.

This hesitation to create space for yourself often comes from a fear of losing the security that your business has brought. For some, that means being afraid to put on the brakes because you’re terrified that your progress will halt. For others, your identity feels intertwined with your work ethic and slowing down can bring a lot of guilt.

And while we at Female Founded understand your feelings of discomfort and nervousness, we are also here to share with you a different perspective that many don’t openly talk about or encourage in this industry.

If you don’t allow yourself to come up for air consistently and routinely, burnout is going to steal the passion and excitement you’ve had for your business. When you allow yourself to slow down, take a break, and set boundaries for yourself, you are enabling yourself to accomplish so much more than before. Slowing down won’t stop you from reaching your goals - it sets you up for long term success rather than evitable burnout.

When you are in the thick of a deadline or dealing with a stressful client, remember this: Your life is NOT your business! Your business is simply there to enrich your life and the lives of others around you. Don’t allow it to hold you back from living and experiencing all the incredible benefits that comes with being a successful business owner.

If this is hitting home for you, make sure you check out our next blog post where we share some applicable ways for you to start creating more space in your life and leaning into the discomfort of setting boundaries for yourself.

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