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Moving into 2021 with Confidence

We’re almost there, I promise.

We’re almost out of 2020!

And while we have every reason to celebrate, there’s something we suggest you do after your celebrations: make New Year’s resolutions for your clients! Having ambition is an essential aspect growing your business. Whether it’s getting them more customers, more emails subscribers, more social media engagement, we should all be setting goals to make our 2021 a year to remember.

But how to pick what to focus on is a tough question. Where do you even start?

Right here, girl!

At Female Founded, we want to help you pick the goals that you and your clients achieve together in the next year with this handy dandy list!

  • Discuss the past year: Reflecting on the past year will help you see how you want to do things better in the next year. Get together with your teammates or your clients and ask them for feedback on how you can make 2021 better than the last year. Things you can specifically ask can include -

  • What were some of the best things you experienced when working together?

  • “How could have we created a 10x better experience?”

  • What do you want to make sure we continue doing next year?”

  • “What are some things that we should stop doing?

  • Make reasonable goals: Starting your year off by saying you want to get 3 million customers by 2022 may be...a little unrealistic. Eventually, you’ll get so overwhelmed, you’ll definitely end up disappointing yourself and your team. Instead, study your last year and pick goals that you think you and your team can achieve with some hard work.

  • Create accountability: Setting goals is an amazing idea, but if you don’t have any way to keep yourself accountable, your goals are likely to fall flat. Instead, create accountability measures. For some, this might look like quarterly meetings to discuss how far along you are. Maybe it’s a little treat for you and your team every time you tick something off your to-list. Whatever the accountability structure is, make sure you write it down and that you, your team, and your clients are all aligned on what that is going to look like.

  • Figure out how to measure success: What does a good 2021 look like? Is it more clients? More engagement on social media posts? Higher click rates on your emails? This is another tool that you can use to zero in on what your success in the new year will be. Remember to be as specific as possible. For example, instead of setting a goal of “increase open rates”, a more concrete goal can be to “increase open rates from 25% to 30% by Q3 of next year.”

It would be easy for us to sit around and complain about how hard 2020 was because, let’s be real, it was.

But you know what’s not easy?

Getting up, wiping off the dirt of last year, and getting ready to sparkle in 2021!

New Year’s Resolutions are the perfect way to focus on how you want to grow your business.

And if you’re looking for extra guidance in 2021, keep checking the Female Founded blog! We’re here to help you out. Female Founded has planned 12 months' worth of tips, tricks, and lessons on how to grow your business and achieve your goals and I know you won’t want to miss out on a single one.

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