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Picking an Email Marketing Platform

With the advent of remote working, businesses are increasingly finding the importance of communicating online with customers. One of the communication channels that converts the most subscribers to clients is through email marketing. While last week we focused on the types of email sequences, this week we’re focusing on where you put those sequences: email marketing platforms!

Each email platform has different features to offer and while many of them seem similar, these marked distinctions can make all the difference when it comes to choosing the right platform for your business.

This week, we’re taking a dive into just three of the dozens of platforms available to email marketers.

ConvertKit: ConvertKit is an email marketing platform that offers plans starting at $29 a month. This is one of the more expensive email platforms on the market because they price their plans based on your subscriber count rather than the number of features you want to access.

What makes ConvertKit different from other email marketing platforms is that it focuses mainly on text-based emails. This is perfect for email marketers that mainly send text-heavy emails, like bloggers. However, this also means that the ready-to-use templates typically only let you change features like text font, text color, and text size.

Flodesk: Flodesk also includes priced plans and is $10 cheaper than ConvertKit’s beginning plan at $19 a month. Their pricing plan is also simpler than most email marketing platforms, as there are no extra fees per subscriber.

Flodesk offers the most visually pleasing templates. These emails are extremely chic and make creating elegant emails very easy. While Flodesk’s simplicity may be a plus, it also means that they don’t have many popular email marketing features like A/B split testing and segmentation. All in all, Flodesk is perfect for sales emails and small businesses that do not require audience segmentation.

Autopilot: This platform is the priciest on this list starting at a whopping $49 a month. Autopilot allows for customization of almost every email feature from images, headers, blockers, and text. Autopilot is awesome because it allows you to map out your email sequences easily and gives you a visual representation of what emails come next in your sequence. It’s also great because it makes cross platform integration like Salesforce and social media super easy!

The price of the plans are one of the only cons for this platform. Also, the user interface isn’t the easiest to navigate and can take a while to become accustomed to.

Each email marketing platform comes with pros and cons depending on what you’re looking for. Before you pick which platform you want to use, consider making a list of what features you’re looking for.

Are you an advanced email marketer or new to the game? Are you planning on creating long form content or more visual emails? Are you planning on segmenting your emails or just creating one audience? These are all integral questions when it comes to picking your platform.

Still need help picking a platform? Shoot us an email at and let’s work together to get your business’ email marketing up and running!

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