• Kelsey Eikenberry

Simplifying Your Content Creation Process

When was the last time you scrolled through your social media, clicked on one of your favorite curator’s pages and were just taken aback by how incredible their content was?

You know the ones. Those accounts that seem to be able to post daily but still make it look easy and seamless. Their feeds are enough to overwhelm anyone trying to create a social page from scratch, let alone entrepreneurs trying to market their work and grow their businesses.

But just like we’ve shared previously in our Content Creation blog series, social media doesn’t have to overwhelm your day-to-day. In fact, it shouldn’t - not when you have the right tools in your arsenal.

Read on to see how you can take one piece of content and turn it into days (even weeks!) worth of content across all your social media platforms:

Step 1: Get your knowledge bomb

You are creating content for our social media every day - even when you don’t realize it. Whether it be a multi-page freebie or a blog post, you’ve already spent so much time on producing value for your audience, so why not recycle its contents?

Instead of trying to think up a ton of content independent of your knowledge bombs and product, use what you have to your advantage. (It’ll save you a TON of time.)

Step 2: Dissect your knowledge bomb into these four main components.

Take your blog post, freebie, or whatever you have and break up portions of it by the title, introduction, main points, and a few quote-worthy lines.

Check out this example of one of our past blog posts to see what we mean:

Note: Think of your main points as the subheaders that divide up your content into more digestible sections. Because we didn’t use any subheaders in our post, we pinpointed a few of the key takeaways that we could use instead. The key here is simply to decipher which points you think are the most valuable to your audience. Use those to beef up your social profile with relevant and insightful content that will make your feed feel put-together and knowledgeable for your audience.

Step 3: Plug these pieces into your social media

Here’s where your overwhelm turns to ease. All that is left to do is to organize the different pieces you’ve pulled out and start plugging them into your content calendar!

We like to follow the key below to organize and spread our content across our social media →

Using the sample blog post we provided above, this system allows us to turn one piece of blog content into at least 1 Pinterest post (unless you create multiple graphics), 4 Instagram posts, 4 Facebook posts, and 1 tweet. And that’s if we aren’t stretching our content for all its worth!

If this doesn’t fit exactly what you have or what you need, that’s okay! It’s super easy to adjust and adapt this system to fit your social media strategy - the point here is that you have a way to reuse and recycle your content so your audience has every opportunity to see the value you can provide!

If this system shows you anything, it’s that social media doesn’t have to be hard. At its core, social media is all about strategizing and making the most of the content you already have rather than trying to reinvent the wheel every time you start planning for the next month.

If you need a little more guidance on this, no problem! Reach out to us at hello@hannahmarieoliva.com for more insight and help.