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What to Do When You're Not Ready to Turn Down a Client

Not ready to turn down a client?

Charge more for your non-genius-zone services.

It’s not just you. We’ve all said yes to that new project or client and then dragged our feet the whole way through finishing it – particularly at the beginning of our businesses.

I mean, you’re trying to pay the bills, right?! Turning down a client is like saying “you know what, I’m fine to not have any electricity so no, I’m not going to take you on as a client”.

But ugh, the reality of having to do a lot of your not-so-favorite tasks can cast quite the shadow on your bright, shiny expectations of entrepreneurship.

And hey, it’s not that you don’t like the client or the project, it’s just not necessarily your favorite work to do – and that’s ok. Consider, however, raising the price for those tasks.

Let’s call these types of tasks your non-genius-zone tasks.

Raising the price of your non-genius-zone tasks means that:

a.) You won't be hired for them as often, leaving more room for the projects you prefer.

b.) If you charge more the services that you’re least excited about then you can afford to price the services that you enjoy doing more competitively.

This can help you grow that line of your business quicker, and taper down on the not-so-fun stuff. I’m sure you’re more willing to offer a more competitive price for the work that you LOVE to do. You can always increase your prices later.

And c.) you’ll walk into the project with a skip in your step because you’re getting paid. When you’re being paid adequately for the job you’re doing, you’re more likely to actually enjoy the work and feel like your time is being worthwhile spent.

Particularly when you’re early on in your entrepreneurial endeavor, getting paid what you’re worth for your time and being able to pay the bills is extremely motivating.

So, add some motivation and enjoyment into those non-happy-place projects by charging more and, later, when your business is more established and you’re getting clients left right and center, start saying “no” to those non-genius-zone projects altogether.


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