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Why Quitting isn't Failing: Knowing When to Make Positive Change

Failure and quitting get a bad rep.

On a recent Female Founded Podcast episode, Kristen Anderson shared her story of trying and failing...and then trying and failing again….and then trying and succeeding.

The underlying message of our conversation with Kristen was clear: if you’re not failing, you’re not getting closer to succeeding.

Sticking with a client or a job you don’t like feels like you’re delaying failure, but it’s the opposite.

Keeping that client who you’re barely making a dime off of because they’re so stressful to work with is a failure.

Staying in that job you hate because you think that if you quit you’ll never find anything better, or it’ll look bad on your resume isn’t avoiding failure. It’s prolonging it.

The second you can tell yourself, “okay, I quit,” and pivot your direction is the second you’re taking control of your successful outcomes.

Kristen told a story about being fired from her job and feeling like the world was falling apart around her… but by getting straight back onto the horse, she found a new job that absolutely changed her life. She was forced into that change – do you really want to wait for that, though?

Here’s what to do:

  1. Always ask yourself: am I happy? If not, immediately work on your next iteration or exit strategy.

  2. Check-in: What isn’t working right now that is an opportunity to improve upon?

  3. Even if you are happy, always be iterating. What could be better about this situation?

Click here to listen to Kristen's episode and to learn more about her journey toward self-made success!

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